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Now in a delicious gummy.

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Ocean Based


At Akasha Superfoods we create nutrient dense, ocean-based superfoods to optimize health and vitality.

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Experience a natural and effortless surge of energy throughout the day with our sea moss-based supplements.

Gut Health

Our superfoods nurture your gut health effortlessly and promote balance & vitality.


Unlock a wealth of essential nutrients with a nutrient-rich, fueling your body with vitality and wellness.





We took our famous Premium Gold Sea Moss Gel and formulated it into quick, convenient, on-the-go packets so it can fit easier into your daily wellness routine!

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Sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients shape every
product we create

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Sea Moss Glow Gummies



Liposomal Sea Moss Gel - Single Serve Packets (30 Count)


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Sea Moss Vitality Blend




We hand select some of the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet, and harvest them in the most sustainable and natural ways possible. Everything at Akasha will always be organic, and in its most natural state. We strongly believe in the power of mother nature, and believe what we put into our bodies is what makes up who we are. We stand behind our work and products.

Lab Tested

Sustainably Harvested


We donate a portion of all profits to coral reef restoration and are committed to protecting natural resources and preserving

our beloved underwater ecosystems. We are committed to sourcing the most sustainable ingredients and packaging

Embracing Sustainable
and Organic Products


Overall health is rooted in the harmonious functioning of the entire body. Our supplements, when taken internally, contribute to enhancing your well-being as they offer exceptional bioavailability. The human body is an intricate system that thrives on balance and synergy. Our bodies house trillions of microbes within the gastrointestinal system which are intricately connected to systemic well-being. Every aspect, from cognitive performance and body weight management to skin vitality, immune resilience, digestive health, and emotional well-being, intertwines to form a holistic state of health. Recognizing the intricate interconnectedness within the body, we prioritize the efficacy of our supplements in supporting overall well-being.

whole body can continue to thrive.


Our products embody a remarkable level of purity and naturalness, which directly contributes to the well-being of the skin's microbiome and the delicate balance of its naturally occurring ecosystem. By prioritizing clean and natural ingredients, our formulations are carefully crafted to support the natural functions of the skin, helping to maintain its optimal equilibrium. We take pride in fostering a healthy and balanced skin microbiome through our commitment to cleanliness and using nature's bounty to enhance your skin's vitality.


(Meaning the ether in Sanskrit) Representing the primary substance or cosmic energy that pervades the universe. It is often described as the fundamental element from which all other elements (earth, water, fire, and air) emerge. We strongly believe mother earth has so much to offer us, and we want to protect and give back as much as we can. None of our ingredients will ever disrupt or harm a natural ecosystem.