Akasha Superfoods

Facial Ice Ball


This is the perfect accessory to freeze your sea moss gel and use it to make an ice facial.

Choose to use just the gold sea moss gel or combine it with aloe, honey, cucumber, or anything else that you desire!

• Easy-to-grip and slow-melting ice makes it perfect for face icing.
• Nonslip silicone sphere mold creates a 2.5-inch ice ball.
• BPA-free silicone ice molds are 100% safe and effective in freezing liquids.

Potential Benefits of Face Icing:
• Heals and prevents acne.
• Tightens skin and reduces pore size.
• Reduces puffy eyes.
• Promotes healthy glowing skin.
• Prevents premature aging and wrinkles.
• Increases product absorption.

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